Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday funday.

Better late than never.
Oh boy did Sunday funday live up to its name! {unfortunately papa had to work} but Summer and I made do by spending the day with with her Uncle Will and his girlfriend. First we started off at the swap meet just to walk around and buy whatever caught our eye. After we had some Five Guys for lunch {my opinion is the best burger place around} and proceeded to walk over to TjMaxx and Target to take back a few returns and do some more shopping. {that's what he gets for hanging out with 3 girls, lots of shopping}. Once I got home we took a little drive to Mile Square park and as you can see from the photos Summer had a blast learning how to chase the birds. Hope everyone else had a fun Sunday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My welcoming home, from work.

After a long day of work and having the biggest head ache ever! Its doesn't only make my day automatically good once I've come home, when I drove up to my little family waiting for me out side in the grass it also felt so rewarding. I thought it was the sweetest thing too {especially after coming home an hour later then they thought I'd be home}. We laid on the grass for about an hour watching Summer try to figure out {which includes tasting} what this thing called "grass" is. It was very relaxing with the nice little breeze flowing through and the sounds of the ice cream trucks. It felt like summer time when I was a kid.