Friday, October 12, 2012

Summers 1st Birthday!

The Theme:

Ever since Summer started noticing the TV she always took a liking to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That was originally going to be the theme, but as I started looking for decorations I noticed that it was going to look very boyish {shes already bald as it is} So! I did what any girl would do.. Add some pink and throw in some bows!


The Decorations:

Most Items where bought at Party City. Since we did a large white tent in the back yard I used the "scene setters" for the walls, Only one Minnie Mouse theme table cloth for the presents table, one happy birthday sign for over that table.
For the center pieces I pray painted foam balls back, small pots hot pink, used foam and news paper to keep the sticks in place and covered it with tissue paper from the dollar store. The ribbon was also found at the dollar store and the sticks were from Home Depot. {I would only suggest this project if you can get the foam balls for cheap or for only doing one, not 7}

These awesome gift boxes came from Mexico via Ivan's mom. We scored them for $1.50 for a pack of 10!

The Result:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lucky for me Monday..

Lets just dive right in shall we? So lucky for us papa didn't have work on monday! We got be lazy in the morning and eat his delicious potatoes with eggs for breakfast. Now that the weather has cooled a little I decided I would take Summer to Disneyland! But first went to go run a few errands. Without realizing it was Columbus Day I proceeded to go the Post Office and the Bank. Lucky for me, my Post Office is conveniently close by and lucky for me the bank is right down the street... The busiest bank in the city. Yes yes lucky for me they have two, I repeat two ATMs for all of us 15 people waiting in line! Oh and the little old lady that had no idea what she was doing didn't help us much either. Ok done with the rant! Once all that was done with we were finally headed off to Disneyland! But lucky for me {yes you guessed it}, it was still Columbus Day meaning the park was ridiculously jam packed! Being the mommy that I am I held my breathe and stepped into the Haunted Mansion ride {it's Nightmare Before Christmas theme} line with an "expected" wait time of 40min! Yes many would think I was a nut for putting a 13 month old in line with no stroller.. But I did and we made it! Lucky for me she did great and enjoyed the ride.