Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

yes... yes.. I am aware I'm about a week late.. but hey, at least I'm BACK!
So I've been letting this whole not blogging thing get a little out of hand.. but not anymore {even though that's what I've said last year}. So! *cough cough* {I actually do have a cold ;)} here we are again with that New Years Resolutions..
1. SAVE! In about a year we should be able to purchase our first home! I really am going to try and buckle down on my spending.. even though that ZARA sale is VERY tempting.
2. PRINT MEMORIES. Lets face it, its so easy to just click away with that nifty little camera connected to the phone glues to our hands. 1,300 photos on a phone is a little obnoxious! *face to palm* Get it together Whitney!
3. TAKE A FAMILY TRIP. Nothing too crazy.. maybe San Diego or San Fran? Make a suggestion!
Love, The Lopez Bandits

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