Monday, April 16, 2012

10 by 10

I've been contacted to do some freelance modeling. Although I've been out of the game for over a year now I was stoked to take the opportunity. However I must loose at least 10 pounds but hoping for 20. And I've been pondering the thought of working out, getting back in shape, and looking oh so fit! And now I've got that push and goal that I'm working for. So by May 10th I'm hoping to be looking almost back to pre-baby body.
I'm starting at 139lb
And I'm 5'6 for all that are curious

This is just a little overview of what I'm going to be doing:

For my meals I've been eating:
Fruit shakes (strawberry,banana,blueberry,raspberry) blended with so milk and protein
Progresso low cal soups
100 cal snack packs
Low sodium peanuts
Cut out all sugared drinks

For fitness I'm doing:
Elliptical for 30min
Run for 1hr
Arm weights
Stretching for 15min

I'm also only eating out once a week, which is on Monday's when I have only an hour break between my all day classes.

I hope this helps out for anyone wanting to loose weight or just start eating and feeling healthy. Just like my friend Irma's blog post did for me.
Check her out not only for what she's doing to get fit but her awesome makeup and cute outfits!

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